1. Eating is Overrated…?

    So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but my profession is actually baking. Cakes, pies, chocolates, ice cream, pastries, icing, breads, I can make ‘em all. And if you follow my blog you’ll also notice I post pictures of foods and delicous yummy treats, some made by me some being simple reposts of stuff I want to make.
    But even though I am a baker, I am not a chef. I’ll take 3 hours to bake a 6 layer cake from scratch but after a days work and coming home at 6:30 in the evening, taking 15 minutes to even make rice seems like a chore. Not to mention spaghetti is a fancy dinner for myself.
    I don’t know about anyone elses experiences but I’ve found that bakers and chefs love to eat really good foods..
    but we often don’t eat when we’re left to our own devices -.-
    I love seeing everyone’s faces when they bite into a fresh loaf of foccacia bread still warm from the oven, but will I partake in those cupcakes I just made for my family? Nope.
    I love making interesting dishes at home when I take the time to marinade my chicken breast and pair it with a great salad. But how often do I do this?….maybe once every two weeks. The other 13 days? Oatmeal in the morning and sometimes no dinner when I get home.
    Is that healthy? Of course not. Am I doing it on purpose? No way I love to eat! So what the heck? I could chalk it up to laziness on my part, I mean really, I cant boil some water for some spaghetti? I can’t throw some veggies on a frying pan and voila, dinner?
    However I know I’m not the only one who does this, but maybe you guys could help, I live on my own so my budget is pretty tiny, my bills are over $1000 a month, and I get home too late in the day for a big prep and cook. What have you found works for low effort easy cooking? Maybe you can just yell at me to motivate my lazy butt :p

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    Berliner - As Requested!

    Now I’m hangry, horngry, and plain old hungry

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    Blueberry and Lavender Religiuese | Twigg Studios

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    Whoever missed this show in their lifetime has missed out, seriously.:D

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  6. Homemade onion rings, I’m aiming for a flavour like that of A&Ws :) haven’t gotten it quite yet.

  7. The original Deathnote was actually a game caled Jumanji, and instead of a death god sidekick, you get Robin Williams. :p

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