1. A raspberry mojito; a Cuban 16th century rum based beverage. The root word; “Mojadito” meaning ‘a little wet’

  2. Found this little guy buzzing around the flowers.


  3. My life. -

  4. NOT OKAY (The Big Picture)
    *Yes. A millions times yes.*

    (Source: youtube.com)

  5. thenaturenymph:

    Faerie vibes ~

    🍰Can I just have an invite magically appear before me for this tea party? ✉

  6. White Bellflower; meaning gratitude.

  7. Candy Mountain Foxglove; meaning insincerity #language of flowers
    #pink #summertime

  8. The first Hiyao Miyazaki film I ever watched.

  9. The apple tree is really blooming this year! So excited for all the apple crisps, tarts, pies and squares I’m gonna make :D


  10. Supernatural Pick up lines and Pie

    Me: Hey if I’m on the dark side we can has all the cookies we want. AND PIE! *insert picture of Dean Winchester saying pie here*

    Friend #1) Oh Dean … Mmmmmmmm

    Me) Now we need something dirty to say about pie

    Friend #2) ……it’s like warm apple pie?

    Me: Hey angel, are you on your period? Cause I just earned my red wings.

    Me) Well obviously you’d eat both pieces, it’s Supernatural. What if you don’t eat the other piece of pie and then it returns years later to avenge it’s fallen brothers and you have to sprinkle flour round the doors and windows to protect yourself.